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Why people should visit Austin


March 20, 2014 by Cameron

When you think of Texas you think of big cowboy hats, cows roaming free, and people yelling at each other in thick western accent, but that’s not what it’s like here in Austin. Sure, there are some spots around the city where the conventional movie Texas gets its name, but mostly it’s more of a city than a huge ranch. Here are a few reasons why people should visit the great city of Austin.
One of the reasons many people want to visit or even move to Austin is that it has some of the greatest music festivals in the world. No, it’s not all country music sung by tobacco spitting cowboys. We have SXSW and ACL which attract some of the greatest musicians around. It has people like Jay Z and Tyler the Creator, but it also has small bands that want to make it big preform there.
Another reason to visit Austin is that it is pretty much the perfect size. The city is not so big that you can’t walk down the street without running into 10 people, but it is big enough to be able to meet new people and still get a nice city feeling.
All in all, there are many reasons to visit Austin, and only one of them is that you can see some real cowboys.


  1. Marsha Ratzel says:

    Hi Cameron,

    So good to read your post about Austin. I’ve wanted to visit there because of the music and your post gave me even more reasons for wanting to go. It’s definitely on my bucket list!!!

    Can you really see cowboys? I thought there was a huge university near Austin and I didn’t think there would be cowboys…but that would make it even better.

    My name is Mrs. Ratzel and I’m one of the teachers who is mentoring students in the Blogging Challenge. My own club is participating…I sponsor the newspaper club and we use blogging instead of printing the paper. We’ll start writing next articles next week about everything that goes on at our school…you should come and read it. Leave a comment so we’ll know you’ve visited. Check it out at

  2. ericm334 says:

    I think this blog post runs deep, and that goes for places all around. You think they’re one thing, an image that has been projected in your head, and then you realized they’re different.

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