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7th Grade Reflections


May 8, 2014 by Cameron

“Hello 7th grade…”
I walk into school expecting another easy year without much work at all. Just a lot of fun and no boring studying, no homework that I can’t finish in 10 minutes, nothing hard whatsoever. Man, I was wrong. I was not having the best grades, but I thought I could just get right on track no problem. I walked into my math class knowing there was a test, and knowing I didn’t study, but I wasn’t worried. Another test, another period in which I don’t have to learn anything. But soon after I started the test I realized I was in deep trouble. I finished the test knowing I had bombed it. I got it back around a week later and got the worst grade I had ever gotten… A 40. I knew I had to get my act together fast. I learned how to study, and how to get help when I needed it, and even went to tutoring a couple times. I eventually got into a routine which now helps me keep my stuff together and manage my time.

I now wish I had studied and been able to manage my time at the beginning of the year, instead of having to learn that lesson the hard way. As the year comes to a close, I am ready for it to end. It has been a long, but surprisingly fun year. And my advice for the incoming 7th graders, even if your friends call you lame because you are blowing them off to prepare for the big math test the next day, is to study.


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