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Crazy Basketball Game


May 2, 2014 by Cameron

It’s overtime. There’s 30 seconds left. We are down buy four. How are we going to come black from this?

My coach looks around at our team on the bench, and tries to make his decision. He puts me and some other people in and says “We need a three guys. I know y’all can do it.” I roll it in to the point guard Aaron. He dribbles it up the court and immediately gets double teamed. He passes to me and I look at the basket. I’m about five feet behind the three-point line and go out on a limb and decide to chuck it up. I bank it in. The crowd goes crazy. The other team passes it in and we foul right away. This kid on the other team goes up to the free-throw line and makes the first one. I look around at my teammates in dismay. The kid walks up to the line one more time, and misses! My teammate JT gets the rebound and dishes it out to me. I dribble down the court find another one of my teammates Blake in the corner. He shoots the three. SWISH. We were up by one. The crowd is up on their feet. There is 10 seconds let and the other team passes the ball in and sprints down the court. They pass it around and get the ball to a kid that has been shooting well all night. He shoots the three… And it’s in. We lost.

It was a really great game on both sides and we ended up losing by two. I was happy that I was able to play in such a fun game though. And hopefully, if something like that happens again, we can come out with the win.


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