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Week 4 and 5: Media and Memory


April 13, 2014 by Cameron

The prompt for the blogging challenge this week is to write about an important memory or thing from your childhood. Thinking back I couldn’t help but remember the movie “Finding Nemo.”
Watching “Finding Nemo” was my favorite thing to do. I would watch it almost very day. Even though I knew what happened in the end I was always wondering “Will he ever find Nemo?” I loved watching Dorothy and Nemo’s dad go on their crazy quest filled with excitement and fun, and I loved watching them meet all the wacky characters along the way.
Watching Nemo had everything a kids movie needs. It had great characters that you get to know and love, stunning visuals that really made you feel like you were underwater too, funny jokes that can make you laugh even if it is the 100th time you’ve watched the movie, and a little tune that could get stuck in your head. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Here is the video trailer for the movie, and if you haven’t seen “Finding Nemo” yet, you are really missing out.


  1. Mrs. Bridges says:

    I love this movie! Parts of it makes me sad (the separation of kid/fish and parent), but I love that it has a happy ending! You picked a great movie to write about!

  2. graysonw614 says:

    I loved watching Finding Nemo as a kid and I still laugh if I see it on TV. My favorite character is Dory because of her hilarious comments and crazy personality. This is one of the best all time classics for sure. I related to this movie just like you did as a little kid. Great job!!

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